The project dashboard gives you an overview of the status of your project.
Information in the dashboard is split into three different areas:

  1. Status  -  this shows you the overall progress against the project budget (hrs) if one has been set.
  2. Latest Activity  -  the most recent activity on the project.
  3. Issues  -  highlights any problems currently with the project.

Project Status

A project's status is made up of the following components:

  1. Estimate  -  This is the amount of hours budgeted to complete the project. If you don't set this then it is automatically calculated by combining all the estimates of the Todo Lists that make up the project.
  2. Assigned  -  This is the total time of all the project tasks that have been assigned to people - it's the total of Scheduled hours + Worked hours.
  3. Scheduled  -  This is the total amount of time that's been scheduled to people but hasn't been completed yet.
  4. Worked  -  This is the total amount of time that's been scheduled to people and has been completed.
  5. Remaining  -  This is the total amount of time remaining within the project estimate. If you have surpassed the project estimate then this will show as a minus figure.
  6. Overall Progress  -  This is the total amount of worked time divided by the project estimate. If the total of assigned work exceeds the project estimate then this figure will show in red, and is calculated by dividing the time worked by the total assigned time rather than the project estimate.

Latest Activity

This is a list of all the latest activity on the project starting with the most recent first.


All issues are automatically generated and as well as showing here will show as a red border around each task in the Calendar. The following situations will cause an issue to be created:

  1. Due date of a Task / Todo has been exceeded.
  2. Amount of time worked has exceeded the estimate.
  3. Amount of time assigned has exceeded the estimate.
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