Only the account Owner and Admin users are able to invite other people to the team. They can do this from within Team Settings after clicking your avatar at the top-right of the interface.

Open Team Settings

Click Users then enter an email address and click Send Invitation.

Note: Only when the invited user accepts the invitation will they appear as a resource within Workstack.

Creating Test Users

Although Workstack itself does not allow you to create Test Users you could, however, use a service like that allows you to setup temporary test email addresses.

This way you can send an invite to the test email address from your Workstack account and accept the invite there. If you are testing this way we recommend that you use a separate browser for each logged in test user as you won't be able to login with more than one user account using the same browser.

Once you are finished testing you can then delete these users from your Workstack account within Team Settings.

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