The toolbar contains a series of tools to help you navigate your project data without having to leave the calendar screen.

  1. Zoom Slider  -  scale the calendar view to see more detail
  2. Set Zoom  -  set the calendar to a month, week, 2 day, 1 day or an hourly view
  3. People  -  select the people to show on the calendar
  4. Projects  -  see a full task list view of each project
  5. Meetings  -  see a list view of all the meetings
  6. Time Off  -  see a list view of all the scheduled time off
  7. Preferences  -  set the look and feel of the calendar
  8. Print  -  print the calendar scheduled for work offline

People Panel

From this panel you can select who to display in the calendar as well as creating groups of people - i.e. Designers, Marketing Team etc

Project Panel

The project panel let's you search for a particular project and display all it's tasks in a collapsable list view.
From this panel you can create new Todo Lists, Todos or assign tasks to people.

Meetings Panel

This panel allows you to manage all your meetings in one place. Create new meetings or edit or delete existing ones.

Time Off Panel

This panel allows you to manage all scheduled time off in one place. Schedule time off or edit or delete existing entries.

You can also add company holidays here too - which will block off days for everyone in your team - useful for adding public holidays.


This panel allows you to change the text size and column widths of your calendar.

You can also set which type of column you want to use as the default on the calendar - either pinned or stacked.

You can also toggle whether you want to see issues with tasks. If this is selected a red border will appear around any task that has an issue - e.g. past it's due date.

Print Calendar

This tool lets you print the calendar schedule for use offline.
By default it will print the next 4 weeks of the calendar. If you want to print more you will have to actively scroll the calendar down to load more weeks and then click the print icon.

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