Workstack lets your team record the time they worked on individual tasks, so that you can then run reports to show the time worked over a given date range.

The reports interface

  1. Filter Panel  -  Filter by date range, person and project.
  2. Show / Hide  -  filter panel.
  3. Report Criteria  -  the filter criteria used to generate the report.
  4. Report Totals - the total figures of the report.
  5. Configuration Dropdown - show or hide the data you want in the report.
  6. Matching Tasks - the task that match the filter criteria.
  7. Download - export the report data as either JSON, Excel or CSV.

Sorting the results

You can sort your results by clicking any of the data column headers. Just click the header again to reverse the sort order.

Exporting your data

You can export your data as an Excel, CSV or JSON file - just click the download icon at the top-right and select the file format you require.

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