There are a few different ways you can create a new project, however the easiest way is to open the Projects section and click + Add new project.

Click Projects in the top navigation bar

Click the + Add Project button

Enter your project details

  1. Name  -  The name of your project
  2. Color  -  Select the project color
  3. Members  -  Add the people who will be working on this project
  4. Estimate  -  The number of hours available on this project (optional)
  5. Budget - set a project budget (optional) 
  6. Start  -  Enter a start date for the project (optional)
  7. Due Date  -  The project deadline (optional)
  8. Note  -  Any additional information about the project (optional)

NB: You will only see Budget if the account owner / admin has activated this feature in Team Settings.

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