Workstack allows you to track the spend on projects based on the amount of time already worked on them.

Getting Started

Only the account Owner can activate project budgets via the Team Settings panel.

  1. Enable budgets - across all projects.
  2. Set currency - the currency you use.
  3. Default hourly rate - for new members that you add to your team.
  4. Individual hourly rates - for existing team members to override the default rate.

Setting up a Project Budget

You can set a project budget when setting up a project and to an existing project from the Project Settings screen.

Billable and non-billable Tasks

Once you setup a project budget all the Tasks you assign to people in that project by default will be billable, you can however make Tasks un-billable by opening the Edit Task panel and unchecking Billable.

From this panel you can also set any extra costs associated with that Todo, that will also count to your overall spend.

NB: Remember Tasks are the assigned portion of a Todo - you won't be able to set whether a Todo is billable ONLY a task.

Tracking Spend

From the Reports screen you can track the amount of spend on a given project by selecting the relevant date range and filtering by project.

NB: Make sure to select $ Work from the configuration dropdown. 

If you see a task in the project report that shouldn't be billable just click the edit icon and uncheck billable from the Edit Task panel.

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