What are project issues?

Workstack can automatically help you identify those project tasks that have an issue. An issue occurs when a set parameter is exceeded, for example if the Due Date of a task has already passed, and it is highlighted in red.

What are the full list of issues that Workstack shows?

If you have activated issues to be shown in your preferences Workstack will automatically highlight the following cases:

1. Due Date exceeded 

This happens when an open task's Due Date is in the past.

2. Worked + Assigned Time has exceeded the original estimate

This happens when the time logged on a task + the current time that's assigned to that task exceeds the original estimate made to complete the task.

What do issues look like?

On the Calendar tasks with issues are shown with a red border around them.

How to switch on issues

You can activate issues from the Calendar Settings panel to the left of the calendar. 

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